The Clubhouse has a lounge, dining room and fully equipped kitchen. Other amenities include residents' bar, library, TV lounge, games room, boule pitch, mini gym, yoga and bridge as well as braai facilities. There is a heated swimming pool and a covered patio with cushioned chairs for relaxation. Clubhouse facilities are available free of charge to residents for special, private or individual functions.

The Alphenvale Trust has installed a PV System on the Clubhouse roof, which provides back-up power to the Clubhouse and common areas of Alphenvale during power outages.

The Alphenvale Trust has also installed a borehole system, which besides irrigating the garden, provides treated drinkable water to the Clubhouse and Kitchen. This water can also be collected and used by all Residents in the case of Municipal failures or drought.

Free wifi is also available to Residents using the Clubhouse area.

Health Care

Primary Health care is provided during office hours by two qualified nursing sisters at our clinic, or at your cottage when necessary. After hours and over weekends one of the sisters is on call for emergencies. Call out's are charged at a nominal rate. Under the supervision of the nursing Sister in charge, private nursing services may be contracted by residents post operatively or if ongoing care is required. Being a small community, logistic and financial constraints rule out the provision of frail care. The policy is to enable residents to remain in their homes for as long as possible by arranging outside medical support which is paid for by the resident.

Each cottage is equipped with a Call4Care Emergency Unit and Panic Button, giving Residents peace of mind in case of a medical emergency.


Security includes 24 hour guards, controlled access, regular internal perimeter patrols and monitored electrified fences. In addition to the Call4Care medical emergency unit, each cottage has a panic button located on a keypad which is linked to our Security Company, who will respond in the case of an emergency.

Each cottage has heat and smoke detectors installed, which are also monitored by our Security service provider.

Ownership and Management

Cottages remain the property of the Alphenvale Trust which is overseen by 4 Trustees, all of whom are residents. Occupation of each cottage is offered on a Life Right basis. The daily management and control of the village is in the hands of the General Manager under the guidance of the Alphenvale Trust and a Management Committee, elected each year by the Management Association, which consists of all the Life Right owners.

On the resale of a Life Right, 35% of the growth, a 3.5% sales commission of the transfer price and some basic refurbishment costs accrue to the Alphenvale Trust. The balance of the growth, as well as the original purchase price, less the basic refurbishment costs, accrues to the seller.

The Alphenvale Trust undertakes certain upgrades to the cottage, at their expense, when a Life Right is sold. The Purchaser of a Life Right is entitled to make additional upgrades to the cottage, provided these are approved by the Trustees, and paid for by the Purchaser. Refurbished cottages have an inverter and battery installed, providing “back-up power” when there is loadshedding.


Levies cover insurance of the buildings, access to primary health care, municipal rates, services and taxes, maintenance of grounds and exteriors of cottages, electricity for common areas, security and village management.

The current cottage levy is approximately R6 000 per month. In addition, the levy for meals is currently R1 295 per month per occupant. The meal levy provides approximately 11 meals per month however; additional meals may be ordered, the cost of which will be added to the residents' monthly account. Friends and family are most welcome to join residents in the Dining Room. Bookings are essential and are done simply by booking in the meal diary at Reception or by contacting the Caterers directly.

The costs for electricity and water are for the account of the occupant. Electricity is on a pre-paid basis and each cottage has its own meter, while the water meter is read on a monthly basis, and the corresponding costs charged via your levy account. The costs of interior cottage maintenance are for the cost of the Life Right owner.


A small dog and cat are allowed, however, fencing is required for dogs, the installation of which will be for the occupant.


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